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Stephanie Terry

"10 Deals in 3 Years Using Little To NONE of My Own Money!"
I can't tell you how happy I am to be learning these creative deal making strategies! Quite honestly, prior to learning these techniques, I was struggling to put my deals together even though I come from a real estate family and was collecting rents with my mom when I was just 9 years old. But I have to admit, as much as I thought I knew about real estate, I have learned so much more, particlarly about using creative deal making to do "little to nothing down real estate deals." Thanks for this training on how and where to get the money and creative deal making!

Stephanie Terry, Berwyn Heights, MD
Marcus Lackey

"Sherman - Thanks To You We Raised Over $100,000 To Fund Our Property Acquisitions From Our Very First Meeting!" Sherman - I want to thank you immensely for your guidance in raising private capital to fund our real estate transactions. Although we have wholesaled a number of properties to generate operating capital for our business, we were anxious to raise private funds to take our business to the next level and break into the realm of $30K+ profit per deal. This type of profit is virtually unattainable if you do not have access to significant capital to buy great deals when you find them. –  I am truly appreciative of your willingness to help us, even though you were not profiting from our venture. As a result of your guidance, we were able to host an incredibly successful Private Investor Seminar at The Army-Navy Club in October. The initial results indicate that we raised over $1,000,000 in equity to fund our property acquisitions! This event marked the end of the wholesaling period and the beginning of being ‘The Dealmaker’!”

Marcus Lackey, Alexandria, VA
Lisa Wood

"Thanks to your program Sherman,
I made over $4,000 in just 14 days!"
"I knew nothing about real estate before joining DCREIA and studying this program. Now that I know how to get the money and do deals in such a short period of time, I am now able to live off of my passive income. I won't quit my job just yet because I love what I do, but I have that option thanks to the training I received from DCREIA!"

Lisa Wood, Edgewater, MD
Cedric Davis

"$65,000 Profit On My Very First Rehab Deal With Private Money!"
“Dear Sherman, thanks to you I was able to put together my very first rehab deal without having to use either hard money, or go to a bank. Using the techniques I learned from you, I was able to raise private money from a family member. The best part was being able to pay him a great return on his money, much better than the stock market, and making over $65,000 in profits, on my very first deal! Thanks to you and all you do at DCREIA helping folks like me to go from “zero” to real estate investor and being there every step of the way!"

Cedric Davis, Mt. Rainer, MD
Shawn Scarlata & Tim Cordero

"Sherman - Thanks a Million, Actually $575,000"
“Dear Sherman, I just wanted to drop a quick note saying "Thanks a Million!", well actually I should say thanks a half Million, or $575,000 to be precise!", because that is what my partners and I are projecting will be the profit in our first commercial deal. As a brief synopsis, we recently settled on the purchase os a 30-unit apartment complex. We negotiated the purchase price down to bout $18,000 per unit and were able to get the seller to hold a not for 98% of the purchase price, oh and did I mention a majority of the note is at 5% interest! Leaving just $10,000 as our down payment, and with property tax adjustments from the seller, ended u being more like $4,000 that we actually had to come to the table with. Of course, just as you have taught us, I wasn't going to be satisfied until we were getting into the deal with no money out of our own pockets. We brought in an equity partner to put up that $4,000 plus about $145,000 in repair costs for capital improvements to the property. To make a long story short, after paying off the seller held financing we should be walking away from the settlement table with about $575,000 in cash, TAX FREE! Isn't this business beautiful? I must admit without your guidance and following many of the techniques you teach concerning commercial property acquisition I don't think we would be where we are today and for that I want to extend my deepest gratitude. Thank You!

Shawn Scarlata & Tim Cordero, Police Officers Prince George's County, MD

What Can You Do With This Checklist?

  • Everyone is skeptical... Learn what to say right up front to get your leads to relax.
  •  This download will help you answer Who, What, When, Where, Why & How within your presentation.
  • Included is an information sheet that allows you to capture all of your leads' information, and feedback to study and segment your list!

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Start Building Your Private Investor Presentation Today!A $197 Value, Yours FREE Get Instant Access Now! Limited Time Offer!

Take Action Now - $197 Yours FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions…

  • q-iconDoes The Checklist Work For Newbie Investors?

    Absolutely! Anyone new to raising money through private investors have particular hurdles they feel like they need to overcome.  By having this comprehensive check list you will not only feel “more in control” you will BE more in control.  Everything from what to say, what not to say, and most importantly, a check list to hand to your assistant so they also know what to do.  Its all in here!

  • q-iconCan I Raise Money Without A License?

    Yes, in most states, you can raise money for your own deals without needing a securities license.  However, you can not raise money for deals that are not your own.  The check list also includes information on where to go in your state to make sure you are in 100% compliance with local rules and regulations.

  • q-iconAre there costs associated with raising money?

    There are some minimal costs associated with raising money through private investors.  Putting together a Power Point (if you know how to do Power Point, or Keynote presentations then you can probably do this yourself), printing handouts and making arrangements for a suitable meeting room, like a country club, or private room at a restaurant.  You should also have an attorney review any documents you send out and the check list discusses the various types of legal reviews based on what type of money raising you are doing.

  • q-iconCan I legally raise money with this checklist?

    The check list describe what needs to be done.  Like any business, any documents you hand out to customers or prospects should be reviewed by your legal counsel before being distributed.  The Check List are for your internal process to make sure you do not forget anything, like a legal review (if necessary).

  • q-iconAre you guaranteeing that I'll raise money with the check list?

    We are providing information for educational purposes only.  We can not guarantee your specific results.  What we can guarantee, however, is that if you do not have a check list you will probably forget something.  [Brandon] Murphy’s Law:  “Anything you can forget you will forget at the worst possible time, unless you have a check list!”

  • q-iconWhy are you doing this?

    We are a real estate investor community.  We exist to serve the needs of real estate investors, including helping new, intermediate and experienced investors to share “best practices.”  By having a check list you automatically GUARANTEE better results than if you don’t have one.  We want to help you to become a better real estate investor and in doing so we also realize that we are helping to “raise the bar” in our industry, and hopefully, you will also want to learn more about us, and become an active member of our real estate investor community.